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A Message from Hiroshi Murata, President
Watakyu Linen is a member company of Watakyu Group that has a proud history of 148 years. The original company of Watakyu Group was founded as a cotton manufacture at Yamashiro region of Kyoto. Since then, Watakyu Group has been diversifying business into various fields such as bed cover manufacture, linen supply, food service provider and rental service of nursing care products. Now we have been growing into the group companies with 95,000 employees in total.
Watakyu Linen is engaged in linen supply business, covering leasing and sales of bed sheets, towels and table clothes as well as cleaning and delivering to hotels, Japanese-style inns and restaurants.
As the concerns for the quality of sleep are growing these days, our clients are requesting more comfortable bedroom environments which can be served by better bedding products and higher quality of linen service.
As foreign visitors are increasing and new hotels are starting to open one after another towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we are required to comply with the global standard of quality.
We have been responding to our customers' expectation with improving the quality of our services and products as well as with our corporate spirits "Feelings of gratitude and humble attitude" which we have been nurturing since the company establishment. As a result, we have not only been able to improve our delivery network covering all areas of Japan, but also being able to develop excellent planning abilities to propose our packaged products combining facilities with service or suggest our solution plans for cost reduction.
48 years have passed since Watakyu Linen started to provide service to hotels and restaurants.
Aiming at the next goal, we will develop our business with great passion more than ever. We greatly appreciate your support and encouragement to us.
Hiroshi Murata, President
The Watakyu Group Basic Principles
We will go back to the starting point of our business, and with gratitude and humility, we must remember:

・ We serve our customers
・ Our suppliers sell their products and services to us
・ We receive support from our partners
・ Our employees work for the Group

We will create a corporate culture bolstered by these values. We will create a Group where each employee is compassionate, cooperates with one another, and is a proud participant in our objectives. The term, [ko・ ko・ ro], shall be our fundamental corporate belief, which serves as the foundation of the Watakyu Group's basic principles.
Manegement Philosophy of Watakyu Group
We, the Watakyu Group, exist to contribute to society. More specifically, we contribute to the health and the prosperous lifestyle of people through our companies. Based on this purpose, we leverage our technological capabilities to provide the highest quality services to meet our customer demands sincerely, through that we gain credibility and strive to perpetuate the growth of our companies. The ideal we pursue is that we return to the starting point of our business while coping with the changing times, and promote the establishment and expansion of a solid business base through our untiring efforts and activities. By so doing, we will contribute to society and be able to better the lives of every one of our employees.
ojigi fukusuke
Group company